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Extension Plans

The plans for our renovations have finally been drawn up ready for submission to Council.

Below are the old and new elevations of the house:

Front View

We’re moving the front door downstairs, next to the garage doors (hidden behind the brick wall in the picture below), with an internal staircase. The main bedroom will be extended by about a metre, and will have the window replaced with sliding glass doors leading out onto the new balcony. The loungeroom will be extended forward about?1.5 metres. A study will be added downstairs under the master bedroom, as well as a bathroom and internal access to the garage.

13 Dec 2001 13 Dec 2001

Rear View

The bedroom (on the left) will be extended about a metre towards the back of the yard. A large family room will be added where the courtyard is currently. A toilet and laundry will be added as well (on the right in the new picture below). The laundry will have external access to the back yard, with a small covered porch.

13 Dec 2001 13 Dec 2001

North-East Side View

This view gives a better indication of how large the back room will be, and also how far forward the loungeroom will come. The external staircase will be removed, replaced with internal stairs. A large wrap-around balcony will be added to the front of the house. The kitchen will be moved against the wall, with a new window added for light.

13 Dec 2001 13 Dec 2001

South-West Side View

This gives a better view of how far the back bedroom will be extended. The middle bedroom will be extended out under the eave to give a little more room. The windows downstairs are for the new bathroom.

13 Dec 2001 13 Dec 2001

December 15th, 2001


Why do sunflowers always reach towards the sun? There are two schools of thought:

  • It’s due to differential growth of the stem. There’s a growth-regulator that builds up in the shaded side of the sunflower’s stem, making that side grow faster than the sunny side. This causes the stem to bend towards the sun.
  • Go outside, stand on your tippy-toes, stretch your arms out wide, and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Feels good, eh?

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14 Dec 2001: The first flower is just starting to open (see picture above).

Oct 2001: Planted sunflower seeds in the top garden bed.

December 15th, 2001


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