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3rd Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary!

To celebrate, Megan and I left Grace with Nan and Pop, and went out for a pizza at Centerpoint Pizza in Kiama. They’re always fantastic. We had intended to then see Serendipity at the Shellharbour Cinema, but we got there late and had to be content with The One. It was an OK movie, but not quite as romantic as Serendipity would have been!

January 30th, 2002

Happy 28th of January!

Today is the 28th of January! Click here to find out all about this special day.

January 28th, 2002

Kiama Show 2002

I entered four photos in the Kiama Show this year, and won a Highly Commended award for one of them. I’m hoping to have enough photos by next year to enter something in each category.

Megan and I went down to the show tonight to have a look around. The pavilion exhibits were pretty good this year – lots of great handiwork, flowers and vegies, but none of the monster pumpkins of previous years.

January 27th, 2002

Lord Of The Rings

Wow! Getting mentioned on the front page of Joel On Software really kicks your hits! I got 3,300 pageviews that day, and several thousand more over the next couple of days. Thanks, Joel!

Megan and I left Grace with Nan and Pop for a few hours this afternoon, and went to see Lord Of The Rings at the new Shellharbour Greater Union cinema. We both really enjoyed the movie. The cinema is extremely well-designed, with very comfortable seats, heaps of leg room, and just the right height between rows so you can see over the head of the guy in front of you.

I’ve updated the site a bit to make navigation easier – hopefully I haven’t broken any links, but please let me know if you find any problems!

January 13th, 2002

Grace Gaining Weight

Grace got weighed at the clinic today – she’s put on 375 grams this week. Chubber!

January 13th, 2002

Garden Visitors


Cockatoos descend upon the sunflower patch most days around dusk to gorge on the seeds. I don’t mind — I plant sunflowers to attract birds anyway, but it annoys me when they stray and eat the green tomatoes and green passionfruit. The kookaburra usually visits in the morning, eats a few worms or a small lizard, and then takes off again.

8 Jan 2002 10 Jan 2002

The first photo below is a female bower bird — the male is an iridescent midnight blue, and we don’t see him very often. I’ll add a photo if I ever get one! The sparrows eat insects around the vegie patch. The only plants they seem to touch are the sunflowers.

10 Jan 2002 10 Jan 2002

January 10th, 2002

Meeting Great-Grandma

On her third attempt, Joyce finally made it through the bushfires to Kiama to meet her first great-grandchild. At the end of a thoroughly enjoyable day, Joyce still couldn’t believe she’s now the mother of a grandmother!

Joyce’s first cuddle with Grace:

9 Jan 2002

Four generations together for the first time:

9 Jan 2002 9 Jan 2002

Of course, everyone else wants a hold and a photo too!

9 Jan 2002 9 Jan 2002 9 Jan 2002 9 Jan 2002

January 10th, 2002

Grace Meets Great Grandma

Joyce, my grandmother, travelled up from Malua Bay (near Batemans Bay) today with Mum, Dad and Todd. Grace is her first great-grandchild, so she was understandably anxious to meet her. Only the bushfires down south have been able to keep her away this long!

Joyce still can’t believe she’s the mother of a grandmother.

January 9th, 2002

Grace’s Welcome Home Party

On the Friday after Megan and Grace were discharged from hospital, we invited our neighbours, family and some local friends over for drinks. It was a great opportunity to catch up, have a chat, and introduce Grace to the people she’ll be terrorising over the next few decades.

The number of kids at these get-togethers has grown rapidly over the last few years?— there was only Kayla five years ago, and now look at them all! They are, from left to right, Ryan, Bradley, Kayla and Jamee, Michelle and Boston, Zoe, Emma and Lauren. Several additions to the list are expected over the next few months.

4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002

Tip for new dads: baby baths have more than one use.

4 Jan 2002

4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002

Ryan is good at keeping both his grandmothers busy.

4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002

The two photos below were taken by Emma.

4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002

January 5th, 2002

Grace Discharged

The midwife told us we were likely to be allowed to leave today! After a seemingly endless procession of doctors, nurses, counsellors, etc came to see Grace and Megan and sign off on our discharge papers, we were finally allowed to check out at about 2pm.

It was a long hot drive home, and fortunately Grace slept most of the way. She only woke up as we turned into Kiama. It’s a little scary having a newborn here, but it’s great to be home! Grace has done remarkably well so far – much better than even the doctors had hoped for, given her heart condition.

January 2nd, 2002

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