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Programming Blog

In addition to my new photography blog, I’ve started a programming blog.

Why the two new blogs? Well, I read a lot of online articles about both photography (my main pasttime) and programming (my profession). I wanted to keep track of interesting articles I come across, so I can read them again one day or look them up and send them to other people in the future. Blogger integrates really easily into web browsers, so when you visit a page you’d like to add to your blog, you just click on a button and type your comments. Then you click Publish, and your blog is updated. I don’t need any special software, so I can do it from whatever computer I’m currently using (Windows or Mac). Easy!

October 31st, 2004

Photos of Sarah Oct 2004

Here are some new photos of Sarah. She seems to think she’s a model, and loves to check out the photos on the back of the digital camera.

Sarah's big cheesy grin. Sarah in the hallway. Sarah wearing Daddy's hat. Cool dude. A backward glance. Sarah in the clothes basket.

October 25th, 2004


October 2004
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