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WMA to MP3 Converter For Mac OS X

You wouldn’t think it’d be hard, but I couldn’t find any free OS X software to convert WMA files to MP3 or AAC files so I could listen to them on my iPod. After about half an hour of searching, I went back to a $10 application I found early on in the process and bought it – EasyWMA.

It works great. Just choose between mp3 or aac, set the options how you want them, and drag your WMA files onto it. EasyWMA converts them, and spits out the new files into the same directory as the originals.

Why is it that we’d spend hours searching the net for a free piece of software, just to save a measly $10? I have no answer for that.

40 comments July 26th, 2006

Wedding Speech – Stuart Campbell

Here’s a great short video of Stuart Campbell from Scotland, who at 16 was thrilled to be best man at his brother’s wedding.

I’ve seen a lot of wedding speeches when photographing weddings, and this would have to rank up there with the best of them! I love that Scottish accent, too.

6 comments July 5th, 2006

QuickSilver Tips

I use QuickSilver on my Mac all the time. It’s one of those indispensable applications that I just can’t do without – I really, really miss it on my Windows XP PC at work, but I can’t find any Windows equivalent.

There are always new tricks you can learn with QuickSilver. Here are a couple of useful pages of tips:

Feel free to add any extra tips to the comments here!

July 2nd, 2006


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