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The Chinese Silky Chicks Arrive!

After a lot of searching, emailing and ringing local breeders looking for silky pullets, I finally found a lady up in Marulan with some chicks for sale. I originally didn’t want to get chicks because of the mucking around with heat lamps etc, but since it was the only way to get some silkies for the girls we decided to go for it.

We bought nine chicks, 4 for us and 5 for my mate Danny. Ours have been named Seraphina, Ro, Luciana and Molly (yes, Barbie movies are big in our house!). Turns out they’re not really that much hassle to look after.

First thing Hannah and Sarah wanted to do was draw pictures of the chicks, so they could show their grandparents and friends what they look like.

Sarah with the new chicks. The chicks settling in. Hannah and Sarah drawing chicken pictures.

Rather than give them out to people, Sarah decided to turn her pictures into a book about chickens:

Portrait of a chicken. Chickens like the sunshine. Chickens don\'t like rain. Chickens like to be outside in the sunshine and clear blue sky. Chickens like it when the sun is shining. Another chicken. Another chicken outside. The chickens are very fluffy. The chickens like playing with each other. The chickens are black. When our chickens get bigger they will have chicks of their own. The chickens like flowers in the garden. Chickens again. Photo of the chickens.

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