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Saturday Visitors

We had heaps of visitors come to the hospital to see Grace today. You can only take one visitor at a time into intensive care, so it was a long process getting everyone through! Maryanne (Nan), Gus (Pop), Mary, Christine, Robyn, Ian, Todd, Jenny, Kirk, Michelle and Boston stopped by in the morning, and we all went out to the Doncaster Pub for lunch (except Megan – she got hospital food).

Grace peed on Megan during her nappy change this morning!

December 29th, 2001

Grace In Level 2 Care

Good news! Grace was moved down to Level 2 care this morning. She still has the glucose drip, but doesn’t need any of the extra stuff (like oxygen helmets, heat lamps, etc) they had at Level 3. She took her first bottle of formula tonight, and drank 11mL.

Megan’s Aunt Marion and Uncle Brian visited in the afternoon, and our friend Jenny popped by at night.

December 28th, 2001

Grace Is Born!

After a fairly smooth labour, Megan gave birth to our daughter Grace Anne at 12:11pm (Megan is very proud she beat the countdown timer I posted on this site!). She weighed 3.340 kg (7lb 5oz), and was 51cm long (just over 20 inches). Both mother and baby are now resting, and are doing extremely well.

I still can’t believe we’re parents!

December 27th, 2001

Megan Gets Induced

After a bit of a detour to skirt around the bushfires ravaging the NSW coast, we admitted Megan into the Royal Hospital For Women at Randwick (Sydney, for the foreigners).

They began the induction process at about 8pm – I left for my room at Coulter House shortly after that so we could both get a good night’s sleep.

December 26th, 2001

Carols in Kiama

Neil and Emma.

19 Dec 2001

Little Bradley wouldn’t stop dancing at the start of the night, even when we were trying to line him up for a portrait with Emma and Ryan. He was a bit more co-operative when Dad picked him up.

19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001

Ryan keeping Granddad busy.

19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001

Portraits of the couples: Megan and Darren, Angela and Chris, Paula and Adam, and Mark and Narelle. All of these were taken by Emma.

19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001

Fun with the glow sticks. Emma and Ryan took the photo of Narelle.

19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001

A night out in Kiama just isn’t complete without a facefull of rainbow ice-cream.

19 Dec 2001

A big thanks to Emma, who was a fantastic photographer’s assistant throughout the night.

Email me if you’d like soft copies or prints of any these photos. Weirdos needn’t bother asking?— I’ll only send them to people I know!

December 19th, 2001

New iMac For Grandma

Today I organised the purchase of a second-hand iMac for my Grandmother. She’s outgrown her old Mac II, and now wants to join the rest of us on the internet. It wasn’t too bad a deal, either – $820 for a 350 MHz G3 with 128 Mb RAM and a 6 Gb hard disk.

December 14th, 2001

Nursery Preparations

We bought a bare pine chest of drawers for the baby’s room. After much deliberation, we decided to paint it a gender-neutral bright red and yellow. The cot we bought off a friend also got a lick of paint while the brushes were out. All we need now is a baby.

24 Nov 2001 24 Nov 2001 23 Dec 2001 23 Dec 2001

December 11th, 2001

Grace Is Born

Our first child, Grace Anne, was born at 12:11pm on the 27th of December 2001 at the Royal Hospital For Women, Randwick. She weighed 3.340kg (7lb 5oz), and measured 51cm (just over 20 inches).

27 Dec 2001I had a great sleep last night. Unfortunately Megan can’t say the same thing — she started getting contractions around midnight, but didn’t call until 5:30 this morning to let me know she was being moved to the delivery suite. I quickly got dressed and headed over to the hospital (luckily it’s only 2 minutes away).

The delivery progressed smoothly (as these things go), and Grace Anne Collins was born on 27-12-2001, at 12:11pm. She weighed 3.340kg (7lb 5oz), and was 51cm long (just over 20 inches).

Due to her heart problem (an AV Septal Defect), Grace was placed into Level 3 care in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. She hasn’t required oxygen or medication yet, which is a good sign, although she is on a glucose drip to keep her blood sugar level up. There are half a dozen probes stuck all over her little body, monitoring things like blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen level, breathing rate, temperature, etc.

27 Dec 2001 27 Dec 2001

So far everyone is pleased with Grace’s progress. If she keeps doing well, the nurses expect to move her down to Level 2 care tomorrow.

Maryanne (Nan) and Nina arrived at the hospital around midday carrying bags of sewing to keep them occupied while they waited for the birth. As it turned out, they didn’t even get time to get anything out of their bags!

27 Dec 2001 27 Dec 2001 27 Dec 2001 27 Dec 2001

Because Grace was born fairly early in the day, Robyn (Grandma), Ian (Granddad) and Todd (err, Uncle Todd) were able to drive up from Huskisson to visit in the early evening.

27 Dec 2001 27 Dec 2001 27 Dec 2001

November 18th, 2001

The 19-Week Ultrasound

The round thing on the right is the baby’s head, and the round thing on the left is the tummy.
13 Aug 2001
This was actually our second ultrasound, but it was the first one where we were given a photo to keep.

Earlier in the year (around mid-June), Megan was knocked around a lot by morning sickness. I wound up taking her to Shellharbour Hospital outpatients, since she couldn’t even keep water down. The morning sickness had led to dehydration, so they rehydrated her and kept her in for two nights to make sure she had recovered fully. Three litres of saline later, and Megan was feeling (and looking) a lot better.

The bright side was that we got to have our first ultrasound. Apparently twins often cause severe morning sickness, and so can a phantom pregnancy, so they wanted to rule out those possibilities. Luckily, it was neither – just the little tacker shown above acting up.

13 Aug 2001 13 Aug 2001

August 13th, 2001

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