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Sustainable Illawarra Super Challenge

We have signed up for the Sustainable Illawarra Super Challenge, and Monday night was the official launch of the programme.

The idea is for 120 households across the Illawarra to spend the next 12 months moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable Illawarra provides participants with information, workshops, guidance and resources (as well as some nice discounts and freebies from local businesses!) to help them achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. In return, Sustainable Illawarra will learn what the issues are for local families, and they’ll also get some stories and case studies they can use in getting the message out to the wider community.

To keep track of what our family is doing and how far we’ve come, we’ve set up a new blog: Feel free to have a read, leave some comments, and send us suggestions!

November 6th, 2008

Renovation Photos

More images are available in the gallery.

May 18th, 2003

Renovation Update

The brickwork out the back of the house is now finished, and looks pretty good. Work is now starting on the stuff inside the back room.

January 18th, 2003

Roof Removed, Drought Breaks!

Of course, as soon as we started removing the roof from the existing house to tie in the new section, the months-long drought broke and it poured with rain. Luckily John the builder had a huge tarp to cover it with. At least it’s good news for the farmers!

The roof trusses are up.

The steel frame for the front balcony has been put up now, too. I didn’t realise quite how big it would be, but it’ll be great for parties on hot summer nights!

The front veranda supports.

November 28th, 2002

The Walls Go Up

A little more progress has been made, with most of the walls erected for the back section of the house. Now we’re starting to get a good idea of how big the rooms will be.

The walls go up.

November 21st, 2002

Wall Frames

The wall frames for the fourth bedroom are installed. Now we’re really getting a feel for what the new house will be like!

The fourth bedroom goes up

November 12th, 2002

The Floor Goes Down

The bearers and joists went in out the back today, and the flooring was laid on top.

Bearers and JoistsThe Floor Goes Down

November 9th, 2002

Brickwork Begins

The back yard is starting to look more like part of a house now, with the brickwork coming up out of the ground. It’s interesting being able to get more of a feel for how much room we’re going to have when all this is finished.

Renovations - footings and brickwork

October 24th, 2002

Footings Poured

I’ve added a couple of interesting links to the Down syndrome links page. One is a report into inclusion in NSW schools, and the other is the transcript of an SBS show about inclusion in mainstream schools.

The concretors poured the footings for the back room today, and the builders removed the brick from most of the walls across the back of the house. They’ve also begun digging holes out the front for the new balcony poles.

The new footings have just been poured!

October 16th, 2002

Renovations Begin

Our renovations officially started today! The excavators came and levelled the backyard, and began digging the footings. It’s weird to see the backyard demolished, but it’s great to have things finally under way.

October 12th, 2002

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