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Sustainable Illawarra Super Challenge

We have signed up for the Sustainable Illawarra Super Challenge, and Monday night was the official launch of the programme.

The idea is for 120 households across the Illawarra to spend the next 12 months moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable Illawarra provides participants with information, workshops, guidance and resources (as well as some nice discounts and freebies from local businesses!) to help them achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. In return, Sustainable Illawarra will learn what the issues are for local families, and they’ll also get some stories and case studies they can use in getting the message out to the wider community.

To keep track of what our family is doing and how far we’ve come, we’ve set up a new blog: Feel free to have a read, leave some comments, and send us suggestions!

November 6th, 2008

Kiama Food And Wine Festival 2002

Megan, Maryanne, Grace and I went down to Kiama harbour for the annual food and wine festival. I got a couple of good photos of the demonstration helicopter rescue. I didn’t take many other photos – it was too relaxing enjoying the food, wine, music and sunshine.

Helicopter Ocean Rescue

October 28th, 2002

Kiama Show 2002

I entered four photos in the Kiama Show this year, and won a Highly Commended award for one of them. I’m hoping to have enough photos by next year to enter something in each category.

Megan and I went down to the show tonight to have a look around. The pavilion exhibits were pretty good this year – lots of great handiwork, flowers and vegies, but none of the monster pumpkins of previous years.

January 27th, 2002

Kiama Christmas Lights

Christmas icons – a gum tree festooned with lights, and an Aussie flag.

23 Dec 2001 23 Dec 2001

Three characters found in the gardens.

23 Dec 2001 23 Dec 2001 23 Dec 2001

23 Dec 2001 23 Dec 2001 23 Dec 2001 23 Dec 2001

Sights around Jamberoo:

23 Dec 2001 23 Dec 2001 23 Dec 2001

December 23rd, 2001

Carols in Kiama

Neil and Emma.

19 Dec 2001

Little Bradley wouldn’t stop dancing at the start of the night, even when we were trying to line him up for a portrait with Emma and Ryan. He was a bit more co-operative when Dad picked him up.

19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001

Ryan keeping Granddad busy.

19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001

Portraits of the couples: Megan and Darren, Angela and Chris, Paula and Adam, and Mark and Narelle. All of these were taken by Emma.

19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001

Fun with the glow sticks. Emma and Ryan took the photo of Narelle.

19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001 19 Dec 2001

A night out in Kiama just isn’t complete without a facefull of rainbow ice-cream.

19 Dec 2001

A big thanks to Emma, who was a fantastic photographer’s assistant throughout the night.

Email me if you’d like soft copies or prints of any these photos. Weirdos needn’t bother asking?— I’ll only send them to people I know!

December 19th, 2001


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