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MacUpdate Promo – Great Mac Software, Dirt Cheap!

Check out the current MacUpdate Promo!

For 50 bucks, you get:

  • ForkLift – a nice-looking FTP client
  • RapidWeaver – web site publishing software
  • SwiftPublisher – for writing newsletters and creating gift cards (perfect for Xmas!)
  • Marine Aquarium – really cool fish tank screen saver
  • Xslimmer – reclaim disk space by removing the parts of applications not needed for your Mac’s architecture
  • MemoryMiner – a very interesting and novel way to organise family photos
  • Yep – scan and archive receipts and other papers
  • XMIND 2008 Pro – mind mapping/brainstorming tool
  • iStabilize – removes the shake from hand-held video

And if enough people buy the bundle, this one will be added to the mix:

  • PulpMotion – create animations from your photos, video and music with awesome-looking templates.

This is a great bundle of apps. They’re all useful and interesting, however buying them individually would set you back over $600. Combined, for one more day only, they’re just $50. That’s a good deal even if you only want a couple of them.

I’m buying, and I’m really, really hoping they get enough sales to unlock PulpMotion.

There’s only a little over a day to go, so act now if you’re interested!

Update: Enough people bought the promo package to unlock the final application, PulpMotion. Yay! So if you were on the fence before, head on over and buy it now before time runs out.

1 comment December 11th, 2007

Downloading YouTube Videos

Have you ever seen a video on and wished you could keep a copy to watch again later? Or perhaps you’ve wished you could transfer it to your phone or iPod to show others?

TubeTV by Chimoosoft is what you need!

TubeTV is an app for Mac OS X that downloads the Flash .flv movies used by many video sharing sites and converts them into H.264 .m4v video that can be viewed on other devices.

August 7th, 2007

Taskbar Shuffle – Windows Software

Is it overly geeky to want to rearrange the order of the applications in your Windows taskbar?

I’ve installed Taskbar Shuffle to do this. You simply drag and drop to arrange their ordering.

On my PC at work, I tend to have many windows open at the same time – email, todo list, multiple telnet sessions, multiple browsers, Framemaker, Visio, multiple Explorer windows, etc. Keeping related windows together helps me switch between tasks and work more efficiently.

Taskbar Shuffle also lets you rearrange system tray icons, but I’ve never bothered doing that.

July 18th, 2007

Copilot 2.0 – Control Other PCs or Macs Over The Web

Fog Creek Software has just released Copilot version 2.0.

Copilot lets you remote-control another PC, much like VNC or RDC, with the advantage that it requires zero configuration, works through firewalls, and leaves nothing installed when you’re finished. Great for family tech support!

And get this – it now supports OS X. So you can control PC to PC, PC to Mac, Mac to PC, or Mac to Mac.

From a Mac point of view, it seems to be getting decent reviews:

I know, you could do this with VNC. But if you haven’t set that up in advance or it’s not currently working, Copilot will get you out of trouble for just $5 for a 24-hour license. Not bad.

January 28th, 2007

WMA to MP3 Converter For Mac OS X

You wouldn’t think it’d be hard, but I couldn’t find any free OS X software to convert WMA files to MP3 or AAC files so I could listen to them on my iPod. After about half an hour of searching, I went back to a $10 application I found early on in the process and bought it – EasyWMA.

It works great. Just choose between mp3 or aac, set the options how you want them, and drag your WMA files onto it. EasyWMA converts them, and spits out the new files into the same directory as the originals.

Why is it that we’d spend hours searching the net for a free piece of software, just to save a measly $10? I have no answer for that.

40 comments July 26th, 2006

Discount on iView MediaPro 3

I use iView MediaPro 3 for managing my digital images, and absolutely love it. These kinds of digital asset management (DAM) tools are great for adding keywords to your photos, searching based upon keywords, editing down to a set of selects after a shoot, creating slide shows, keeping track of offline images (i.e. those stored on CDs/DVDs or external hard drives), and creating web-based galleries.

It’s normally USD$200, but here’s a handy link to give you a huge 15% discount on iView MediaPro 3. Enjoy!

Oh, and it works on both Mac OS X and Windows.

May 18th, 2006

Mac Disk Management Utilities

It doesn’t matter how large your hard disk is, you’ll always run short of space eventually. While trying to free up some space on my PowerBook for a video project, I came across these handy utilities for understanding where all your space has gone and freeing up space that’s wasted:

  • Disk Inventory X – Gives a graphical representation of how much disk space is taken up by various types of files, and allows you to identify and delete them to free up the space. Especially good for locating videos, photos and music that you don’t need instant access to and can archive to DVD.
  • Monolingual – Removes unnecessary language resources from Mac OS X, reclaiming hundreds of megabytes of disk space. Why waste space on files for languages you don’t speak?
  • Tidy Up! – Searches out duplicate files and packages. You can also search by the tag, duration and bit installments of MP3 and AAC sound files, search the contents of the iPhoto, iTunes and iPod dababases, and synchronize deletions with iPhoto and iTunes.
  • WhatSize – Lets you browse the folders on your disk, showing the sizes of the subfolders and files within. Helps identify large folders that you might not need (e.g. GarageBand samples, unused applications, etc).
  • FileWrangler – While not directly intended for recovering disk space, FileWrangler is very handy for renaming files in preparation for backing up to an external drive or burning to CD/DVD. For example, I use it to rename the DV files from my video camera with a consecutive numbering scheme so they’re in chronological order and won’t have filename clashes.

1 comment May 17th, 2006

ImageWell and MenuCalendarClock

I came across another couple of great Mac tools this week.

ImageWell is a free, simple image editor. It’s designed for rotating, resizing, cropping, and adding borders or drop shadows to your images quickly and easily. It can even upload them to your website at the click of a button, and will give you the HTML code to insert the uploaded image into a web page. Great for bloggers!

MenuCalendarClock is a highly-configurable calendar and clock that sits in your Mac’s taskbar. I find it really handy for seeing the day of the month at a glance, but it also integrates with iCal to show you calendar bookings, to do items, reminders, etc.

May 10th, 2006

PureText – Clipboard Cleaner For Windows

PureText by Steve Miller is awesome for pasting stuff into CityDesk (and other HTML editors, rich text editors, formatted emails, Word docs, spreadsheets, etc).

You just paste using Windows-V instead of Ctrl-V, and it’ll strip out all the formatting. It’s like doing Edit -> Paste Without Formatting or pasting into Notepad, copying, and pasting into your destination window, but without the hassle of either of those methods.

Try it out – you’ll love it.

1 comment April 23rd, 2006

More Cool Mac Software

I found a couple of cool OS X applications this week:

  • Onyx – System configuration, optimisation, maintenance, log file viewing and cleanup, cache and temporary file cleanup, etc. Freeware.
  • Sticky Windows – Drag any window to the sides or bottom of the screen, and it becomes a tab and the window is hidden. Great for getting applications out of the way temporarily, when you don’t want to close and relaunch them. Shareware.

April 14th, 2006

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