On Credibility

There's a short period of time where a new switcher to Mac OS X has heightened credibility amongst their Windows- or Linux-using peers.

During this period of time, Windows and Linux users will listen to your experiences with OS X with interest. You can draw comparisons and point out differences between the platforms, and they'll take you seriously. People are actually interested in why you're switching, what you like about the Mac, what applications it comes with, etc. Several will even secretly admit to you that they'd switch too if it wasn't for <insert reason here>.

This period of credibility seems to last for around three months, after which you are tarred with the same brush as all the other Mac Zealots. Now your discussion points are regarded as the rants and raves of a lunatic, and largely ignored by non-Mac users.

It's no wonder Mac users are a close-knit bunch!


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