Meeting Great-Grandma

On her third attempt, Joyce finally made it through the bushfires to Kiama to meet her first great-grandchild. At the end of a thoroughly enjoyable day, Joyce still couldn’t believe she’s now the mother of a grandmother!

Joyce’s first cuddle with Grace:

9 Jan 2002

Four generations together for the first time:

9 Jan 2002 9 Jan 2002

Of course, everyone else wants a hold and a photo too!

9 Jan 2002 9 Jan 2002 9 Jan 2002 9 Jan 2002

January 10th, 2002

Grace Meets Great Grandma

Joyce, my grandmother, travelled up from Malua Bay (near Batemans Bay) today with Mum, Dad and Todd. Grace is her first great-grandchild, so she was understandably anxious to meet her. Only the bushfires down south have been able to keep her away this long!

Joyce still can’t believe she’s the mother of a grandmother.

January 9th, 2002

Grace’s Welcome Home Party

On the Friday after Megan and Grace were discharged from hospital, we invited our neighbours, family and some local friends over for drinks. It was a great opportunity to catch up, have a chat, and introduce Grace to the people she’ll be terrorising over the next few decades.

The number of kids at these get-togethers has grown rapidly over the last few years?— there was only Kayla five years ago, and now look at them all! They are, from left to right, Ryan, Bradley, Kayla and Jamee, Michelle and Boston, Zoe, Emma and Lauren. Several additions to the list are expected over the next few months.

4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002

Tip for new dads: baby baths have more than one use.

4 Jan 2002

4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002

Ryan is good at keeping both his grandmothers busy.

4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002

The two photos below were taken by Emma.

4 Jan 2002 4 Jan 2002

January 5th, 2002

Grace Discharged

The midwife told us we were likely to be allowed to leave today! After a seemingly endless procession of doctors, nurses, counsellors, etc came to see Grace and Megan and sign off on our discharge papers, we were finally allowed to check out at about 2pm.

It was a long hot drive home, and fortunately Grace slept most of the way. She only woke up as we turned into Kiama. It’s a little scary having a newborn here, but it’s great to be home! Grace has done remarkably well so far – much better than even the doctors had hoped for, given her heart condition.

January 2nd, 2002

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Robyn, Ian and Todd visited us today, and we had lunch at the Doncaster again. Grace’s breast feeding is going a lot better now, and she’s getting into a regular sleep/feed pattern of roughly every 3 hours.

January 1st, 2002

More Visitors

More visitors today – Basil, Ros, Maryanne, Gus, Therese, Alf, Jo, Lauren, Jenny, Mel, Brian, Marion, Stuart, Craig and Corinne (who is 4 weeks away from giving birth to their first child).

Grace had her first bath today. She cried a lot until she got into the water, but seemed to love kicking around in the tub. She cried some more when we took her out.

December 31st, 2001

Sunday Visitors

Lots more visitors today, including Mark, Narelle, Emma, Ryan, Adam, Paula, Bradley, Mat, Sharon, Jamee, Kayla, Nina and Paul. We just got everyone through one-at-a-time visits to see Grace in intensive care, when the nurses told us she was being released!

Grace is now totally unplugged, and is staying in Megan’s room.

December 30th, 2001

Saturday Visitors

We had heaps of visitors come to the hospital to see Grace today. You can only take one visitor at a time into intensive care, so it was a long process getting everyone through! Maryanne (Nan), Gus (Pop), Mary, Christine, Robyn, Ian, Todd, Jenny, Kirk, Michelle and Boston stopped by in the morning, and we all went out to the Doncaster Pub for lunch (except Megan – she got hospital food).

Grace peed on Megan during her nappy change this morning!

December 29th, 2001

Grace In Level 2 Care

Good news! Grace was moved down to Level 2 care this morning. She still has the glucose drip, but doesn’t need any of the extra stuff (like oxygen helmets, heat lamps, etc) they had at Level 3. She took her first bottle of formula tonight, and drank 11mL.

Megan’s Aunt Marion and Uncle Brian visited in the afternoon, and our friend Jenny popped by at night.

December 28th, 2001

Grace Is Born!

After a fairly smooth labour, Megan gave birth to our daughter Grace Anne at 12:11pm (Megan is very proud she beat the countdown timer I posted on this site!). She weighed 3.340 kg (7lb 5oz), and was 51cm long (just over 20 inches). Both mother and baby are now resting, and are doing extremely well.

I still can’t believe we’re parents!

December 27th, 2001

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